Identification System

Built on the Blockchain


BlockNumber is a decentralized data exchange system built with Ethereum Blockchain IPFS geared towards providing an immutable Biometric Identification system for Individuals.
Its sole purpose is to integrate displaced individuals back into the society.

Segregation, a Threat to Development

Integration into society has always been a problem of any individual having to deal with verification of their identity and skill set. This makes it difficult for them to access jobs and business opportunities, causing them to live isolated lives in the new environment.

Underemployment and unemployment is predominant amongst individuals as there is no centralised place to validate their identity, skillset and qualification.

Connecting People Across the Blockchain

BlockNumber re-integrates people back into the society through its Biometric Identification system built on the Ethereum Blockchain and the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS).

The system serves to verify the identity and qualification of individuals by providing a decentralised data store which is easily accessible. It uses the Ledger system in tracking funds and employment status of individuals thereby eliminating bureaucracy and misappropriation of funds.

Secure Platform to Reachout

Through our decentralized architecture on the blockchain and IPFS, BlockNumber utilises Biometric Identification for encryption and verification of data.

Secure ID

Identity records on the Blockchain are encrypted with end-to-end Biometric verification.

Data storage is stored in a decentralised IPFS

Decentralised Storage

BlockNumber utilises Ethereum Blockchain and IPFS in persisting user identity data.

Secure Progress Tracking

BlockNumber tracks, provides a feedback system and ensures immutability of transactions propagated on the network.

Giving People a better life

The BlockNumber App makes it easier for individuals in need to receive trackable funds to help them live a meaningful life. Materials and opportunities can also be passed to the people on the Blockchain through the contract.